Jan 07 2010: It's never too late for Hiphop

IT promises to be a Sheffield first…Britain’s only team of Hiphop, street-dancing grannies!
Acclaimed city company Hype Dance has been awarded two new grants to take its groundbreaking work out into the community.
Cash aid of around £1,000 from the Southey Owlerton Regeneration Fund will see Hype bringing dance to the over 30s at the Longley Four Greens Centre in Southey Avenue.
And a similar amount from Age Concern’s Fit as a Fiddle programme will be encouraging the over 60s to get up on the dance floor again.
Both sessions will be highlighting the social and fitness benefits of all types of dance, from ballroom to ballet.
But because Hype founder and director Anna Olejnicki has an international reputation for her work developing Hiphop and Street Dance she’s hoping to discover some groovy grans ready to leave the world of the Foxtrot and the Quickstep and try something a little more contemporary in style.
“I’d really like to see an OAP Hiphop team,” she said. “I think they’d really enjoy it once they got used to the idea.
“I know people think of Hiphop and Street Dance being all about youth culture but all they have to remember is that they too had their own youth culture when they were growing up and it’s not so different really.”

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